Sunday, July 10, 2011

Smadav 8.6 Antivirus Free Download

SmadAV is made ​​in Indonesia antivirus, antivirus smadav is aimed at maximizing on / eradicate the virus - the virus made ​​in Indonesia. So it is good to maximize the protection on our computers and to avoid virus attacks the very rapidly growing now, we should combine / install antivirus smadav with international institutions such as avira antivirus, AVG, avast, norton or the other, so that our computers will always be safe from attack Indonesian virus and the virus globally.

SmadAV is now up to version 8.6 .. smadav 8.6 has two versions of the free and smadav smadav pro.
To smadav pro has several advantages compared smadav free them
- Automatic Update Online
- 10x Faster Scanning
- Exception List
- Maximize / Resize
- Change Color Theme
- Indonesian / English
- Admin Password
- License Use of Profit.
To use pro smadav you first have to be a donor / donation so you get a registration key to, upgrade your free smadav be smadav pro.
To download smadav free please click here
To get more information about antivirus smadav please click here

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