Saturday, July 16, 2011

What is a PTC (paid to click)

The Internet is a new business field for us a very promising at this time. One of them is a PTC (paid to click).
Paid to click is a business program on the internet where we're going to get money from every click on ads that we click. Besarnnya money and jobs that we can each day depending on the provisions of each program providers Paid To Click. Indeed, the money from every click on ads sometimes too low but we can raise our revenue by persuading our friends or relatives to join us in the PTC business through our reffeal link .. because with reffeal we can increase our revenue, because every member who join the site through a link reffeal us, we will get a commission from each click the ad is clicked by the member, not bad. Imagine if we had a lot of reffeal certainly will double our revenue.
Even in some of the sites we can buy reffeal, so we do not bother looking for prospective members, we only need to prepare money to buy reffeal.
seek information about PTC programs you want to follow. Look for information through an online business forum is the PTC program you will follow a scam or really - really pay us. Avoid PTC Programs that offer prices too high on a per-click advertising, usually a program like this a scam or look for information in advance if the site is a scam or pay us. So we are not disappointed later on ..
hopefully useful info ..

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