Sunday, February 12, 2012

How To Overcome A Slow Computer

A slow computer is a very annoying problem, but how it could happen to your computer and how to overcome them.
Let us try to see some aspects that usually affects the performance of computers, which are:

- Number of applications / programs installed on your computer.
The number of applications / software installed on your computer it will make your computer slow. Many programs are installed, they take up capacity hard drive and it also need a extra resources to run the executable program.
So should then select apliasi what should you install on your computer ..

- The number of programs running at startup ..
The number of applications / programs running at start up will also make loading a slow computer performance, especially when first turn on the computer.
Arrange whatever program you need at startup .. choose only the antivirus software needs to be run at startup it is a good choice..
You can set what programs you want running at startup via msconfig, how to click start - run - type: "msconfig"
In the msconfig window you can set whatever application program to run when the startup process.

- Management of a broken system.
The number / file system is messy and unorganized would make your computer more time in performing their duties.
To solve this messy file system that you should always do you defragment the disk.

- There is a virus that messed up your computer.
Presence of virus at work or even infect your computer and make a mess registry could also be your computer is running very slow.
If your computer has too many viruses and have been very much affect the performance of your computer, then it is best solution is reinstall your computer and choose a best antivirus and always updated.

- The number of junk files
The number of junk files can also make the performance of your computer becomes slow.
empty the recycle bin always.

Hopefully I can be useful for you ..

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Codec Pack for Your Media Player

You can not play your favorite video files..
If you run into this problem, I have some solutions that might help you in solving your problem is. The trick is to add a codec on a media player you have.

Okay .. Immediately, I describe some of the codec that is suitable for your media player:

• K-Lite Codec Pack.
Just by installing this codec allows you to play almost all video formats that exist today .. in addition to the K-Lite Codec Pack also comes with Windows Media Player Classic .. You Curious and want to try K-Lite Codec Pack, please download it here:

Free Download K-Lite Codec Pack

• Windows 7 Codec Package.
This codec is designed for users of Windows 7 .. With this codec the media player you use can be used to play various video file formats available today .. You are interested and want to try Codec It Please just click:

Download Windows 7 Codec Pack Package

• Windows Vista Codec Package.
Although this codec is the specialize for the users of OS Vista, but for users of Windows XP can also use / install this codec .. Windows Vista Codec Package Software Media Player supports all .. to try or just want to know more about Windows Vista Codec Package please click this link:

• XP Codec Pack.
For users of Windows XP, XP Codec Pack is one of the choices that are good enough to be installed on your Windows .. With this Codec so you can play a variety of popular video formats today. To download the XP Codec Pack Please Click:

Download XP Codec Pack

• Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP).
One more codec pack that you can plug in your windows is CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). For those who want to download & try it please visit the link below :

Download Combined Community Codec Pack

Hope can be useful for you.

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Tips Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name website or blog should not be underestimated. Choosing a domain name for your web / blog is not an easy matter.

Actually, you are free to provide any domain name website / blog, but it is good we must also consider the terms of the effectiveness of the name,. Especially for websites / blogs that specialize for business. The domain name is obviously very influential in maximizing objectives of the website

- The domain name must match the content and the content on your website / blog.
The contents of a website / blog should match the domain name (at least the post / article on your website / blog is still something to do with the domain name). In addition it could be to maximize SEO, because when visitors type in specific keywords on google then most likely your website / blog that we can get some dual results of google search. The first we can get from the corresponding domain name and the second keyword of the existing content in your blog / website. That would certainly be a double advantage for us.
- The domain name must be SEO friendly ..
was associated also with the tips of the first ..
Domain corresponding to a specific keyword to our website can be easily tracked by google when visitors type in keywords that they are looking for ..

- The domain name is memorable ( not too long )
Domain names are not easy to remember and certainly too long to make the visitors who will want to re-visit wensite / blog to be extra hard to remember and even possibly forget your website address. So pilihlan catchy blog name.

- Select a unique domain name / amazing but easy to remember. A unique domain name, make the visitors were impressed and will always remember.

- Avoid 3x repetition of words in the domain name ..
Domain name with a lot of repetition of words can make a website / blog is considered spam by google,, ex :
Avoid domain names that are too much repetition of the word if you want your website / blog not be considered spam by google.

Similarly, some tips that might inspire you to choose a domain name website / blog ..

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Free Backlinks From

This time I wanted to share the info on how to get free backlinks from for traffic and the position we could be better. (our position in the search engine could be better)

What is is a bloggers community in Singapore.
but for the blogger from outside Singapore are also welcome to join here ..

What are the advantages joined

The advantage that we can be if we register our blog (in of them is that we can put our blog backlink for free in
In addition, we also get the auto pings. With the auto pings the posting on this blog will appear on, so the chances of your blog / website we visited to be great.

So how do I put a backlink (in
The first thing you should do is register to
After you successfully join as a member, then you can put your blog url / your comment on the sort column shoutmix are on the right ( site) so you get a backlink from

How to blog posts can be shown on page ?
First you need to log in, and then select the menu and select add my blog a new blog and follow the instructions to complete.
After adding the blogs listed, you can now do auto ping for your blog posts to appear on
Way after the login in, and then click My Blog then click the update now ..
With this then ( will visit your blog and see the latest posts on your blog and display your posts on their homepage.

I hope that I gave useful info for you all....

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WPMU Dev - The WordPress Experts! The Best Premium Plugins

Wordpress-based website is deemed reliable and fit it into your top choice for building a website for any purpose, especially for business.
Because of a website based on wordpress can install many plugins are very useful for the development of your website. With a variety of these plugins then you can maximize the web according to your goals.

Plugins for wordpress there are so many out there, you just choose your own / your destination on your website ..

buy plugins from the experts, because it assured quality and certainly more reliable ..

WPMU Dev - The WordPress Experts!
The most popular premium plugin site on the web!

WPMU dev is the right choice, this is a great offer for you just $ 100, you are saving $ 319 (76%) of the true price of $ 419 ..

This is a rare offering..
As long as soon have this product is still a discount .. . only $ 100 you can already get hundreds of premium plugins, themes and many hundreds of premium features you'll get.

So you no longer need to hesitate with my references. Because there are about 65 062 members who have joined.

Many features can be obtained , there are many plugins that you can enjoy with just a $ 100 alone ..
Do not miss this opportunity ....

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

SiteAdvisor keep you safe browsing

Internet is one of the most efficient medium for spreading viruses.

The existence of websites that may be inserted by a virus, spyware or adware that is very disturbing to make us very uncomfortable in exploring the internet.
For that we need and in need of a software that can give us protection in choosing a web site that is safe and convenient for us to visit.

For that, I would like to share information about a software that can make us more secure and comfortable browsing. The software is called SiteAdvisor, this software is capable of detecting / informing a safe site to visit
Developed by McAfee SiteAdvisor inc.
SiteAdvisor can be used with mozilla firefox version 4 ..
This software is mozilla firefox addons that can be used for version 4 and above.

For more information about SiteAdvisor please visit:

For download SiteAdvisor, click this link :

Free download SiteAdvisor for Windows

After you download SiteAdvisor and install on your computer then on the bottom right will see the McAfee that will give you information on a website ...

Security level of a web site can be viewed by an icon that appears near the search results / near a web link ..
Icon of them are as follows:

For more details, please visit:

hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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How much your blog / website.

Sometimes you will want to know how popular your blog, to find out how popular your blog is to look at them a few aspects

- What is the Alexa rank blog / website that we get
- How much does google page rank we get
- How many visitors we get
- How many visitors Comment on any blog post.
- How many links leading to your blog / website belongs to us (internal link)+
- How many followers on our blog
- how much your blog / website.

This time I want to give information about how to find out the price of your website / blog us. By knowing how the price of your blog / website of course, we feel proud if the price of web / blog high.

There are many sites to find out the price of our web / blog, such as by visiting:

You have to do is to type the address of your blog / website belongs to you.

Quite easy..., you already know the price of web / blog.

may be useful for you

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Addons SeoQuake mozila firefox

This time I wanted to give an information about the add ons that can be installed in mozilla firefox ...

Add ons are SeoQuake ..
SeoQuake is an add ons that can be installed on mozilla firefox browser, their role is that we can see / find out how popular a blog or a site that we are visiting.
By knowing how popular the blog / website which we visit so we can choose to sort your blog / website anywhere that we can make a reference or can also be a reference to us to find backlinks from a blog / website that has a high level of popularity, due to installing the seoquake of this then we can find a lot of information ..

The information that we can if we install the add ons mozilla firefox seo quake are:

- google pagerank
- google index
- google links
- google cache date
- yahoo index
- Yahoo Links
- Yahoo Link domain
- Bing Index
- Alexa Rank
- Delicious index
- Technorati index
- Digg Index
- Domain IP

And many more information that we can get if we install the add ons SEOQuake on your Mozilla browser.

If you want to try the SEOQuake add ons mozilla please visit the following link:

SEO Quake add ons for mozila firefox

I hope this post can be useful for you all

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Download smadav antivirus 2012 Rev. 8.9

In my previous post about free download smadav Rev. 8.8 which was released in December 2011, now re-released SmadAV latest version of Smadav 2012 Rev. 8.9 with various advantages and new features.

SmadAV antivirus is very suitable for incorporation with other antivirus, besides the small file size is not too burdensome computer performance..

New features in 2012 SmadAV Rev. 8.9 These are:
- Addition of a new virus database 650
- Completion of heuristic techniques and detection AutoScan autorun.inf in flash drive
- Besides start-up process Smadav 2012 rev. 8.9 faster than previous versions
- Completion of the database structure and engine SmadAV

wait let alone wear SmadAV antvirus Rev. 2012. 8.9 to enhance the protection of your computer.

To download antivirus 2012 Smadav Rev. 8.9 Please visit:

Free Download Smadav 2012 Rev. 8.9

Hope can be useful for you.

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