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In This Article I Will Share Knowledge On "How To Use HP Nokia CDMA 2115i As Modem". Okay, I'll Discuss How To Set Hp (Mobile Phone) CDMA 2115i And Tools What Should Be Required.

The Tools Should Be Necessary Are:
1. Hp (Mobile Phone) Nokia Cdma 2115i
2. Data Cable DKU-5
3. Modem Drivers (Nmpcdma2000_1x / Nmpcdma1x_Rtt)
4. Computer With OS Winxp
5. Pulse (Pulse I Do Not Recommend Are Too Little, Because When The Pulse Is Too Little Sometimes Not Successful At The Time Of Dial-Up)
Okay First Step Is To Enter The DKU-5 Cable Into The USB Port, For Those Who Do Not Have Cable DKU-5 Then This Step Is Hope In The Pending First, You Have To Do Now Is Buy A DKU-5 Cable.
After DKU -5 Connected To The Usb Port Windows Will Immediately Tell That There Is New Hardware And Prompts You To Install The Driver (Driver Is Included On The Cd When You Buy A DKU-5)
Plih Install From A List Or Specific Location (Advanced)
Then Find The Location Where The Driver Is In Store ..
Next, After The Driver Is Installed And Then We Just Install The Pc Suite, There Are Several Articles On The Internet Who Think Pc Suite Is Not Pelu In Istall, But Based On Practice And Trials That I Do Install Pc Suite Is Very Noteworthy.
The Next Step Is To Install The Modem Driver, How To Click Control Panel → Printers And Other Hardware → Phone And Modem Options
Then Select The Country Of Indonesia In The Area (If You Are In Indonesia)
And Enter 62 In The Area Code And Then Click OK
Then Select The Modems Tab, Click Add And Then
Pilil Detectmy Do On The Modem, I Will Select It From The List.
Click NEXT
Next Will Come The Line Of Drivers Available On Winxp, Click Have Disk ..
Then Find The Location Where The Modem Driver On Save.
Select Nokia Cdma20001x 3G Packet Data Modem And Click Next
Next Select The Selected Ports And Select COM3 And Then Click NEXT.
After Successfully Installing The Modem, Senjutnya Step We Have To Make A Dial-Up Modem, Do Click Control Panel → Network And Internet Connections → Network Connections
Then Click File → New Connections Then Came The Layer And Click Next
Select Connect To The Internet → Click NEXT
Choose Set Up My Connection Manually Click NEXT
Select Connect Using A Dial Up Modem And Click Next
Then Will Come The ISP Name Box Type The Name Of Your ISP's Up To You, Then Next
Fill In The Box # 777 Phone Number
Then Came The Screen And Fill In Data Like The Following (I Use Flexi):
In The Box Enter Your User Name: Telkomnet @ Flexi
In The Password Box Enter: Telkom
Here Are Some Lists Of Providers In Addition To Flexi Indonesia:
Starone> Username: Password Starone: Indosat,
Mobile-8> Username: Password M8: M8,

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