Saturday, October 8, 2011

What is a blog auto content / auto post

Auto Blog Content or often also called auto post is a blog where the article can be updated automatically even if we did not post the article. Most blog like this is a blog that just want to look for traffic and most people also visit the blog of this kind will also annoyed me included.
Auto blog content / auto post like this can be made in several ways including:
• Either install the plug in a special WP
• By registering at the site providers to make auto content blog / auto post
I do not want to explain / can not explain about how to create a blog like this, the reason this blog is very detrimental to the visitors and other bloggers as well, and certainly very annoying.
Blogs like this are very beneficial for the blog owner, but for bloggers who honestly and sincerely wanted to make a real blog. my advice is do not, create a blog like this, besides the hate by other bloggers hated also by the visitors.

Finding articles on a blog like this is just a waste of time (it's in my opinion). because we are looking for articles that do not / hard to find even in these blogs have presented what we are looking for, but it's just a sham that only spins - play alone and do not find what we seek.
So it is best to avoid blogs like this, based on an article that I read from other bloggers, blog content is characterized by the existence of auto / extra serach behind its domain name example :

We recommend that you avoid the auto blog content / auto post because it will just waste your time ..

Hopefully my posts useful ..

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