Sunday, July 17, 2011


The more rapid advancement of technology today, making us do not have to bother to the cafe to chat or just browse and find the articles you need ..
In the market now available modem (there is a specific GSM and CDMA) that can be brought anywhere where live connect the modem to the computer, as long as we credit a lot of internet access would not be a problem ..
At least you have a problem with your GSM modem network or maybe even a blank .. do not be too reckless to put your computer on a home just because you want to get your GSM network card .. some of these tips may help you to solve the above problem:
1. Make sure you choose the GSM operators who have a wide reach and strong signal and make sure you are in the range of that network, so it is possible there to get your GSM modem network.
2. Purchase an additional USB cable, do not bear - bear just buy a 10 feet or more .. With this additional USB cable you can put your modem in a place far away on the roof there or might be able to put your modem on a pole like a television antenna mast .. (Liver - liver rain when you put the modem in the outdoors).
3. Some of the bloggers out there have a opinion that we can improve the signal with the GSM modem to give / modem cover made of metal cans used with insect repellent spray .. so repellent spray cans in the holes and is closed on any GSM modem .., for point 3 is more complete search in google ..
Few tips from my easy - I hope to inspire you .. Criticism and suggestions I would thank you all for the sake of our progress together. May be useful ..

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