Saturday, July 16, 2011


The technology is now becoming more sophisticated, we used to just be able to put video files, photos, music and other files that you have on your computer one and what if your friends / relatives want to copy the files on the computer we must first come to our house just to copy files that exist on our computers it's different now with the internet we can put the video files, music, photos or so at a particular site.
By putting our favorite missing something on a particular site we have several advantages including:
- We can download files whenever and wherever our passions without any distance limit. so we do not have to bother when we are out of town and want to access our files, just stay put on the internet.
- Conserve our computer hard drive space.
- We can make some money. If we put our files on a file sharing sites so if someone download our files then we will get a commission. The amount of commission depends on the provisions of those sites. Not good enough.

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