Friday, July 15, 2011


This time I will share that knowledge to Use AutoRun to execute the program automatically. Autorun can work in the form of storage media CD, DVD, or flash .. Even autorun is often used as a way to enter the virus. There is also a local antivirus that uses autorun as a medium to immunize the flash of a virus attack.
In this article I will explain how to make the program run automatically through the medium of a CD (compact disc) by using the autorun.
Immediately, after we find out about the brief explanation above would be helpful to direct practice only.
Things - things that need to be prepared are:
1. Program to be executed (the program that had the extension *. exe)
2. One chip CD-ROM / CDRW (up to select one, my advice pake CD-RW just let it later if it fails we can use again the cd)
3. Direct practice.

First - first, let us prepare a folder that will hold the file *. exe
Then copy *. exe files into the folder. (For example see the drawing below)
For the example above I would make visualboyadvance.exe to run automatically via cd ..

Then open Notepad to create autorun ..

Write is as follows:
open = VisualBoyAdvance.exe
Then save the file with the name: autorun.inf
And the option save as type select all files
Save in the folder we created earlier
Then after that lived in the burn ....
May use the nero burning or other burning program
Wait until the burning process is complete
Once done try to reinsert the CD
Then the program will direct visualboyadvance run automatically without needing to click clack ..
So little of my knowledge may be useful ..

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