Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Knowing dofollow blog with add ons mozilla

Blogger Routines to find backlinks seems is necessary, despite that we still need to calculations in finding backlinks for your blog.

Finding backlinks by commenting on blogs dofollow now becoming a trend for some bloggers as a way to increase their position in search engines.

Still related to my previous post "Easy way to know Dofollow blog" where to find dofollow blog we can see the source code on the name of the person who commented on the blog, but this time I wanted to give a simple ways about how to find out dofollow blog with mozilla addons named NoDoFollow.

NoDoFollow is an add ons that can be installed in the browser mozilla firefox. By using the add ons NoDoFollow then we can easily to see if the blog is dofollow.
The first one you have to do is to install the add ons, please visit the following link:


How to Knowing dofollow blog with add ons mozilla

Then follow the steps to add ons complete the installation.

Once done you can simply use the add ons. This is easy, you can select the tools menu - select NoDoFollow or you can also right-click on the area you are visiting the site and select NoDoFollow, then all the link on the blog will be detected. if link color is pink it's mean that blog is nofollow blogs, whereas if that link is blue / purple then that blog is dofollow blog.

In conclusion if the color of the link shown and not the color pink it's mean that blog is dofollow , or if you are still not too sure try to check the source code to the name of the blog comments if there are no posts rel = "nofollow" or there is a code rel = "external" then the blog is a dofollow blog.

Hopefully, this simple information can provide inspiration and increase your knowledge.

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