Saturday, July 16, 2011

DEADLY AutoRun function in Windows XP

Previously I'll explain what it autorun, autorun function on Windows XP used to run programs that run automatically when a storage medium such as CD we put into the computer, in short, if we insert a CD and pieces in it there is an autorun on a particular program, then the program will run automatically without the need for our execution, for example if we install a program through the CDs usually after we insert the CDs are then automatically appear the instructions to install the program .. For what the autorun function turned off? Actually it's up to you to turn off this function or not, because for those who frequently use use removable disk media (such as diskettes, CDs, Flask Disk Etc.) autorun function is sometimes made as a medium to launch / infect our computers .. After knowing the above explanation if we feel the need to disable autorun on your windows, the answer is up to you.
For those interested in trying to turn off the autorun function on Windows you let us go the next step, for those who are not interested in this article please leave immediately from this website (Just Kidding) ..
OK to turn off autorun functions we can do with gpedit,,
I click start - Run - Type in: gpedit.msc

After that search / entry on: Computer configuration - admnistrative templates - System
Then find the turn off autoplay

Then double-click Turn off autoplay and select enable .. click apply and ok

Autorun function on Windows you have been in power off ..
May be useful ..

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