Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tips Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name website or blog should not be underestimated. Choosing a domain name for your web / blog is not an easy matter.

Actually, you are free to provide any domain name website / blog, but it is good we must also consider the terms of the effectiveness of the name,. Especially for websites / blogs that specialize for business. The domain name is obviously very influential in maximizing objectives of the website

- The domain name must match the content and the content on your website / blog.
The contents of a website / blog should match the domain name (at least the post / article on your website / blog is still something to do with the domain name). In addition it could be to maximize SEO, because when visitors type in specific keywords on google then most likely your website / blog that we can get some dual results of google search. The first we can get from the corresponding domain name and the second keyword of the existing content in your blog / website. That would certainly be a double advantage for us.
- The domain name must be SEO friendly ..
was associated also with the tips of the first ..
Domain corresponding to a specific keyword to our website can be easily tracked by google when visitors type in keywords that they are looking for ..

- The domain name is memorable ( not too long )
Domain names are not easy to remember and certainly too long to make the visitors who will want to re-visit wensite / blog to be extra hard to remember and even possibly forget your website address. So pilihlan catchy blog name.

- Select a unique domain name / amazing but easy to remember. A unique domain name, make the visitors were impressed and will always remember.

- Avoid 3x repetition of words in the domain name ..
Domain name with a lot of repetition of words can make a website / blog is considered spam by google,, ex :
Avoid domain names that are too much repetition of the word if you want your website / blog not be considered spam by google.

Similarly, some tips that might inspire you to choose a domain name website / blog ..

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