Sunday, February 5, 2012

How much your blog / website.

Sometimes you will want to know how popular your blog, to find out how popular your blog is to look at them a few aspects

- What is the Alexa rank blog / website that we get
- How much does google page rank we get
- How many visitors we get
- How many visitors Comment on any blog post.
- How many links leading to your blog / website belongs to us (internal link)+
- How many followers on our blog
- how much your blog / website.

This time I want to give information about how to find out the price of your website / blog us. By knowing how the price of your blog / website of course, we feel proud if the price of web / blog high.

There are many sites to find out the price of our web / blog, such as by visiting:

You have to do is to type the address of your blog / website belongs to you.

Quite easy..., you already know the price of web / blog.

may be useful for you

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