Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Backlinks From

This time I wanted to share the info on how to get free backlinks from for traffic and the position we could be better. (our position in the search engine could be better)

What is is a bloggers community in Singapore.
but for the blogger from outside Singapore are also welcome to join here ..

What are the advantages joined

The advantage that we can be if we register our blog (in of them is that we can put our blog backlink for free in
In addition, we also get the auto pings. With the auto pings the posting on this blog will appear on, so the chances of your blog / website we visited to be great.

So how do I put a backlink (in
The first thing you should do is register to
After you successfully join as a member, then you can put your blog url / your comment on the sort column shoutmix are on the right ( site) so you get a backlink from

How to blog posts can be shown on page ?
First you need to log in, and then select the menu and select add my blog a new blog and follow the instructions to complete.
After adding the blogs listed, you can now do auto ping for your blog posts to appear on
Way after the login in, and then click My Blog then click the update now ..
With this then ( will visit your blog and see the latest posts on your blog and display your posts on their homepage.

I hope that I gave useful info for you all....

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