Sunday, February 12, 2012

How To Overcome A Slow Computer

A slow computer is a very annoying problem, but how it could happen to your computer and how to overcome them.
Let us try to see some aspects that usually affects the performance of computers, which are:

- Number of applications / programs installed on your computer.
The number of applications / software installed on your computer it will make your computer slow. Many programs are installed, they take up capacity hard drive and it also need a extra resources to run the executable program.
So should then select apliasi what should you install on your computer ..

- The number of programs running at startup ..
The number of applications / programs running at start up will also make loading a slow computer performance, especially when first turn on the computer.
Arrange whatever program you need at startup .. choose only the antivirus software needs to be run at startup it is a good choice..
You can set what programs you want running at startup via msconfig, how to click start - run - type: "msconfig"
In the msconfig window you can set whatever application program to run when the startup process.

- Management of a broken system.
The number / file system is messy and unorganized would make your computer more time in performing their duties.
To solve this messy file system that you should always do you defragment the disk.

- There is a virus that messed up your computer.
Presence of virus at work or even infect your computer and make a mess registry could also be your computer is running very slow.
If your computer has too many viruses and have been very much affect the performance of your computer, then it is best solution is reinstall your computer and choose a best antivirus and always updated.

- The number of junk files
The number of junk files can also make the performance of your computer becomes slow.
empty the recycle bin always.

Hopefully I can be useful for you ..

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