Monday, August 6, 2012

Comment After Visiting Blog

Blogwalking is one way we are to increase our knowledge and information through multimedia communications media called the internet.

For a blogger blogwalking is routine to do to get inspired at once to find backlinks.
so, fill a comment after you read the blog article that you are visiting, it is very useful.


- With commenting on a blog of course you have participated in support of these blogs / give a bit of gratitude because you getting useful information from that site, in the sense that we can establish a sense of kinship between bloggers so we can exchange links and visit each other later.
It certainly could be a positive value to maintain the chain of friendship.

- Can improve alexa rank.
Often we leave a trail on the blog by commenting on the blogs of others no matter whether it's a blog dofollow or nofollow, commented on blog nofollow also can sometimes add a link in our blog on alexa rank, which would also affect alexa rank your blog . So do not waste your opportunity to comment on the blogs you visit.

- Can improve / maximize SEO blog.
With so many backlinks that we planted on the blogs of others, the greater our chance to get attention from the google search results. Comment on dofollow blogs is very good idea, but remember komentarlah according to the topics related to the article you read, do not let you considered spam because your comment does not match the topic being discussed.

Just tips to fill comment,

If you want to comment, comments with polite language and comment in accordance with the topic you are reading.
Do not let your comment does not show up because your comment is considered spam by the admin for your comment does not fit the theme or use the word - the word is not polite, so do not waste your comments with spam comments.

Hopefully, this article can be an inspiration for you.
Thank you for visiting ..

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