Friday, September 7, 2012

Way Popularize Blog Postings

Do you finished to update article to your blog posts?

If so, what should we do after we update our blog post.
Purpose we post an article on the blog is to post can be read / enjoyed by the visitors., Then what should we do to popularize blog articles.

One way to popularize your blog article is to register/submit your articles on a number of social bookmarking sites, because by submit article on the social bookmarking site of the article is likely to be seen by other bloggers we are more wide open and not close the possibility they will visit your blog site .
Moreover, if we submit site in the dofollow social bookmarking such as, then we also get a free backlink. moreover if we submit site in the dofollow sites that have a position / rank well in search engines, then chances your articles can be quickly indexed by search engines like Google will be bigger.
So submit your site who speak English on, because only accept sites that speak english.

in addition there is also, where you can put a link that leads to post articles on your blog. You can put your articles that are not English speaking or English.
To find a list of social bookmarking sites please visit:

In addition the next routine, you could promote your post on social networking sites like facebook, twitter or other and invite your friends to visit / read your blog post, Use the words that could seduce your friends to visit to your blog.

Blogwalking (been to other people's blogs) and comment, this could also be a means to popularize your blog posts.

it is some tips that might be useful and can be an inspiration to you.

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