Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is Google PageRank?

Google pagerank is a record of ranking a website / blog created by Google to determine how popular your website / blog in the eyes of google.
Assessment of the google page rank we do by giving a number that is from 1-10, where number 10 (ten) is a fantastic figure which means the page rank 10 is the best assessment by google. Indeed google assessment is somewhat different, usually when a champion will surely be numbered 1, which indicates that he is a champion, but for different google page rank, page rank number 1 is the smallest and the number 10 is the best page rank in google eyes.

For online businesses, presence of page rank is needed by them because the higher the page rank of our blog the sale value of your blog / website we also even higher and also more trusted by the advertiser, for this is google page rank is very important for the online business ..
just look to follow a specific program such as a paid review, they usually include several conditions, such as page rank fairly high as well so that other online business programs, with a high pagerank, the more jobs are accepted.
Once the importance of pagerank, some are willing to buy the domain names that already have a high page rank
To increase the page rank website / blog is not easy and required a specific technique that google would give us high ratings, since google has its own assessment to determine page rank blog / web us, so use a good method or technique / preferred by google them is do not do copy paste the article belongs to other people's blogs, original articles will be preferred by google and google many more ways of doing the assessment of a web / blog. Google page rank update approximately 3 months.

Hopefully a little reading above can be useful for you all.

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