Saturday, November 5, 2011


This time I want to give a little information about a software, this software called shadow defender.
What is a shadow defender?
Shadow Defender is software that used to freeze operating system / folder as well as local disk on your computer.
What is the utility shadow defender?
As per the title “securing windows with shadow defender”
, of course, this software is used to secure the operating windows installed on our computers and can also be used to secure specific files or folders that we can choose our heart's content ..
Because it is used to freeze the file / folder / local disk, then the operating system of our windows or files / folders that we shadow will return to the original settings before you install the shadow defender.
You can choose your heart's content file / folder / local disk that will be in shadow.

Overview of the same kind of software such as "deep freeze", would clearly different (different software and features of different content), securing windows with shadow defender has several advantages namely :
1. We can choose which parts to be activated with the shadow mode.
2. We can choose whether shadow mode will be completed after the system is restarted or the system will continue as we have been on the restart ..

many thought that the shadow Defender is a software replacement for deep freeze. secure the window with the shadow defender could be another option for us. because deepfreeze current can be broken with anti deep freeze / deep unfreezer ..
So it is important to secure windows with shadow defender ..

To download shadow defender please click:

Free Download Shadow Defender (SD1.1.0.331_Setup.exe)

Hopefully this info is useful for all ...

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