Friday, June 24, 2011


Experience makes windows xp live cd I found when I have a computer but har ddisk my computer is broken, want to buy a hard drive but no money. After browsing the Internet, it turns out there is a software that can be used to create windows XP live cd, the software called pebuilder.
After that I download the software and immediately I experimented. The first experiment was successful and could be used to boot the live cd, but when the results were less satisfactory because of the features - features that are incomplete.
Then I try to browse again on the internet, how to make WinXP live CD a more complete feature. It turned out to be able to make WinXP live CD with a more complete feature in need plugin - a special plugin that had been added at the time of making it.
Indeed, sometimes there are also programs - programs that can run directly without adding any special plugin that is by directly copying the files you have installed (which is already finished) to put together into a CD, but most of the programs may not be done that way , so it must need a certain plugin.
Okay. but this time I will review on how to make winxp live cd that simple.
What we need:
1. CD OS win xp
2. Software pebuilder
3. CD_RW drive, to burn the *. iso file

Okay, let's step into the next section, we first turn on the computer first.
Then program execution pebuilder.exe
Then there will be a request to look for WinXP installation files, (formerly istalasi first insert the WinXP cd) and press yes ..
On the costum is used to add file / foder what you want to add, could also steeled for the finished program (but not all programs can be supported, without having to add the plugin)
In the output section is where we will put the files to be made in the format *. iso
Then subsequently select the option Create an ISO image, then click BUILD
Just wait until the process is completed
Once completed live-burn *. iso file (can be with nero burning program or a program that is innate pebulder starburn)
Windows XP Live CD is ready to try living a try
First we must set the bios (press del → restart the computer (for bios award / phoenix)
Then we are setting the first boot via CD and then save the bios settings
After Computer restart, then insert the winxp live cd ...
''Congratulations you already have winxp live cd''
Although the features - its not complete but at least we can use as an ingredient to save data when the computer can not boot via disk.

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