Saturday, November 17, 2012

Install the widget histats to your blog

In this post I want to share the information about how to install the widget Histats, which is an online tool that we can use to keep track of all visitors who arrive at your website / blog.

It is time we put histats widget on your blog so that the traffic from visitor your blog can always monitored with histats, so we can know at any time ..


The first step let us together toward (login/register)

then after that, all you have to do is to register (register your blog),

Once the registration process is complete and you have verified your account, log in to your histats account.

Furthermore, you are taken to the control panel, here you find / click Add a website

Form that appears approximately as follows :

Install the widget histats to your blog

After all form correctly filled and then click Continue ..

After that your website will appear in the list, click on the blog you want to install the widget ..

click Counter Code ..

Choose "Widget Counter" as you like ..

Then you will get a code that you should put on your blog ..

log in to your blogger account, go to the layout - add gadget - select html / javascript .. then put the counter code that you can from histats .. Done ..

i think it is simple information, but i hope it can be inspiring and useful for you.

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