Thursday, November 1, 2012

About What is google sitelinks

Have you ever encounter when we type in a keyword or type in a website address in google search and in "search result" appear links that there are rows below home page of once website / blog (links that appear under homepage). The picture is like this :

About What is google sitelinks
it is a picture of sitelinks from a website.

Sitelinks is a link that appears under the homepage link a particular website when you type in a keyword on google search engine.

Links that appears is usually a link to a page on the website which is very closely related to theme/content of the website and pages are match with google criteria and deserves to be visited and is considered to have a good quality by google as a medium of information for visitors and very useful site, so that google wanted to make it easier for information seekers by displaying relevant links from a website / blog.
With sitelink, information seekers (visitors) can go directly to a specific web page without having to first enter "homepage" of the website and open one by one from each of the website pages.

Important or not, sitelinks as possible in terms of my search information is obviously important because we can find the information in a website or blog more easily and we can have an overview of contents of your website or blog. For myself, get google sitelinks is a feat in itself because not all websites or blogs get sitelinks. I think that with getting sitelinks, a website that has won the trust of google and is regarded as a blog / website that has good quality, so I think sitelinks is important to blog / website.

I hope this simple information can be useful for all.

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