Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to submit blog/website to google

The existence of your blog in search engines like google are absolutely necessary, especially if you want to your blog visited by visitors as you wish.
Because search engines are a way for us to find the blog visitors.
so i think submit blog/website to google is one part of SEO techniques that quite important.

Most visitors use a search engine  to find the information they are needed, the existence of the current search engine is providing many benefits to the users / information seekers to search information because they would be very easy to get what they search just by typing in a keyword they are searching.

A blog / new site may not be indexed by search engines within a relatively short time. For that we need to submit url website / blog into a search engine.

There are many search engines, for the time being the most dominate and most popular is a google, so it is very important and mandatory for us to register our blog url in google ..

To submit your blog / website on google you can visit:


After that, fill in the name of the url on the form provided on that page:

submit blog/website

Then click Submit request

After you submit your blog on google, it takes time to index your blog on search engine.

Normally takes several weeks for your blog can be indexed in google or sometimes it can be faster than that, to check whether your blog is already indexed in google, you can try typing the address of your blog on google search box, if your blog is displayed in the search list means the blog you already indexed in google search engine.

Don’t forget, you must have an account google to submit your blog/website.

I Hope my little article can be useful and could be an inspiration to you all ..
Thank you for visiting my blog ..

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