Sunday, December 4, 2011


With more advanced technology today, the primary hard drive is not an option anymore to run the operating system. current OS (operating system) can also travel through the medium of CD (Compact Disk).

Especially for linux distros. A lot of linux distros out there that can run through the cd, of the many linux distros I was interested in puppy linux.

Initially when my computer was damaged on the hard drive so I can not use a computer.

Then I was looking for info on the internet about the linux live cd, which can run on my computer is super old. then i found a puppy linux live cd ..
The results are quite encouraging enough, puppy linux enough to help me, so I can use the computer, listening to music, etc. without the need to buy a new hard drive again, and to store important files can use a flash disk that we have.

Why I fell in love with puppy linux:

- Operating systems can be run live cd
- Can run Puppy Linux runs in RAM, so it allows us to take cd puppy linux after booting process is completed
- Simple
- The file size is small
- The program is also quite complete
- Able to delete the virus files are not visible when we use windows
- The driver is complete

Okay if you want to try and be interested to download puppy linux please click :

Download Puppy Linux Live CD

After visiting the link above choose model / version of linux puppy of your choice, remember downloaded files had the extension "*. iso".

Then after downloading the file *. iso, then stay in the burn
After the burn settings try booting your computer via a CD on your computer Bios.

I hope my writing can be useful for all ..

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