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Alexa rank ...
What Is the alexa rank ...
Alexa rank is a ranking of a website or blog created by made based on the number of visits to your blog or website that successfully recorded by

How can find out the number of visits a blog / website?
When the blog we have successfully registered to, we should install a script / widget that will we put on our blog .. This widget that will be a way for to find out how much the number of visitors to our blog .. so it's best if you install the Alexa widget on your blog.

In addition we also should install alexa toolbar on the browser you are taking ..
By installing Alexa toolbar on the browser we use, this will make it easier to find information visit Alexa when we visit our blog or the blogs of others who have been enrolled at

Alexa rank starting from rank 1 and so on, which ranks with the smallest number of the most good. This is what makes different alexa rank google page rank, where the google page rank peingkat rank 1 is the smallest and 10 is the best ranking.

After a brief explanation of what it knows alexa rank, we also need to know what the benefits of alexa rank.
Benefits include Alexa rank as a benchmark for us / How successful is our blog in cyberspace .. other than that if your blog has a good alexa rank will certainly make us proud and get prestige of course ..
Another benefit is we can make it easier to join the online business programs that use Alexa rank as a benchmark .. usually paid review program using the Alexa rank for / as a main requirement .. so the better the alexa ranking us the more our chances to get money from the internet ..

How to improve alexa rank?
To increase alexa rank a website or blog is by increasing the number of visitors to the blog / web us.
In addition we can also install the Alexa toolbar on the browser we use, the more often you visit your blog will surely increase the number of visits your blog so install / set the web address / blog on the home page the browser you use ..
In addition, install alexa widget on your blog / website.

For widgets alexa and alexa toolbar, you can be when you log on

To register please click :

Hopefully the above simple post could be helpful and beneficial to all

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