Saturday, October 8, 2011


This type of *. mkv files are not supported by windows media player, is to play this type of file through windows media player codec needed special ..
At first I was confused because I can not play *. mkv files that I downloaded with windows media player, then I try to play it using gom player but could not because there are certain codecs that must be downloaded and then I try to use gxine in puppy linux linux because I expected this one is usually quite reliable but can not be as well.
Then I try to use the jet audio, with this one program I can just enjoy the *. mkv file that I downloaded. Although quite slow when I play a file type through a jet audio, but pretty good rather than not at all see the MotoGP event as I like ..

In addition to the above, type *. Mkv video files can also be played through windows media player with our requirement to install certain codecs are downloaded from the internet ..
Based on an article that I read from bloggers out there, to play the file type through windows media player we have to install certain codecs are downloaded from the internet, we have to do is download the codecs ..
To download the codec please click :
Download codec

Then after we downloaded the file, the next step is to execute the file ..
After the install is complete .. then the *. mkv files can now be played with windows media player ..
In addition to the above file types *. mkv can also be rotated with MKV Player software, way is to download the MKV Player :
free download MKV player

Hopefully this post can be useful for you all

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