Friday, August 5, 2011

What is dofollow blogs

Maybe for the master had a lot of bloggers who know what a DoFollow blog, yes indeed this post I aimed for those who do not know what it is about dofollow blogs.
In short I mean a blog is a dofollow blog where if we put a link when we commented on the blog then we will get a free backlink (1 comment we will be counted by google as a backlink).
Profit is what is sometimes exploited by the bloggers to find backlinks for free, especially when we want to find / raise our page rank, SEO tricks in this way felt quite powerful in increasing the page rank us.
So sometimes we see dofollow blogs must have been very many visitors who wrote the commentary for the sake of getting free backlinks.
So if we want to find backlinks for free, let's find dofollow blog and often to us commented on it.
Indeed many of the benefits we get from us comment on dofollow blogs, but for the owner of dofollow blogs can only gain in the number of visitors who come on these blogs, and blogs dofollow less getting a response from google so sometimes the blog is actually down its page rank, but not all dofollow blogs page rank is low, there is also dofollow blogs that have high page rank.
In conclusion dofollow blogs have advantages and disadvantages - each, live how we want to react to it.

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