Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy way to know Dofollow blog

Our desire to get free backlinks to improve our position in maximizing the search engines make us love to find dofollow blog and commented on it.
For that we need to find a blog that really - really dofollow, as many out there who claim dofollow blogs, dofollow blogs but it's not. for that we need to check whether blogs are really - really dofollow or not.

we immediately wrote to the principal talks we are "Easy Ways to Know Dofollow blog".
To find dofollow blog there are several ways of which are using mozilla firefox browser. With this browser we can find out if the blog is dofollow or nofollow.
The trick is quite simple: we only go to the line in the blog comments, and block the name of one of the names of visitors who commented on the blog then right click and select properties..
If the lettering on the properties nofollow mozilla firefox, then the blog is not a blog DoFollow, but nofollow. but otherwise if no nofollow lettering (lettering no nofollow / dofollow), then the blog is dofollow .. Essentially if there is no writing on the properties nofollow, then the blog is DoFollow.
very simple to find dofollow blog.

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