Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About google webmaster tools

Google is a giant search engine, maybe you try hard to make websites, blogs we can get / friendly with Search engine google.

For that we also need to know how good your website in the eyes of search engines and health of the website, so that later we can fix anything less than a blog / website.

Among the many products of google, 

Google webmaster tools 

is one of the Google products you can use to manage and can be a major aspect of the success of your blog on search engines.

So for blog or website owners, google webmaster tools is an online tool that may be highly obliged to used and to maximize your website/blog.

By registering your blog / website to google webmaster then you can:

- Knowing and see how google index your site
- We can also see how many links that point to your site
- Knowing how many times, search engine crawl your website,
- Test robots.txt robots.txt that available on your blog.
- You can change the geographic target for your site
- You can add your URL parameters specified
- You can see your website search queries
- You can check your site, maybe your site infected by malicious programs
- Seeing what the problem faced by Google when indexing your site

In addition, there are many more information that can be obtained and can be used as a benchmark to maximize your website.

For more information about the google webmaster you can visit:

You must have a google email account to signing into google webmaster ..

Hopefully, this post can be a bit of useful information and be an inspiration for you.

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