Friday, October 12, 2012

Free shoutbox from shoutcamp

I think, You must have known shoutbox, just remind shoutbox or guest book or chat box is a widget that can be installed on your blog as a means to greet the blog owner or other visitors who are online at that.

This time I want to provide information about a web that provides a shoutbox widgets for free ..

Shoutbox widget uses ajax technology to encourage greater convenience and benefits..

There are some advantages if we use the shoutbox from, Among them:

- Uses ajax technology
- Unlimited entries
- Desain stylish.
- Complete and comes with cool smileys
- Complete with shoutbox avatar
- Easy installation
- Support custom CSS
- Free
- Multi shoutbox on one account
- And many others.

To install this shoutbox you must go to
Then select register ..

free shoutbox from shoutcamp1

after you completed this form, then you will be asked to fill in your name / shoutbox title and URL of your as in the form below:

free shoutbox from shoutcamp2

Next, you can add your avatar ..

Your successful registration, then go to your account.

To install it on your blog you just look for your name on the label Shoutbox My Account and select istall ..
Then you will be given a script / html code that should be istalled in / add / in your blog widget.. completed

Note : Never remove any link back from your shoutbox to , or your shoutbox will be banned.
I hope this information can be useful for you.

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