Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loading speed of a blog as supporting SEO

The speed of loading a website / blog must not be underestimated, a blog that has a faster access speed will certainly provide value to visitors or search engines.

Website / blog that is easily accessible visitor would be preferred, because they will be able to more easily receive the information they are looking at your blog / website without having to wait too long. Website / blog for too long the accessed will make visitors saturated and will certainly make the lazy visitor to visit the website / blog like this and probably most people will immediately leave this blog .. This is certainly something that is very unfortunate.

For that we need to create a website / blog that has a loading pretty fast, because it can make our blog more efficient, simple but still qualified and have good performance.

To increase access speed blog
you should consider the following aspects :

- Reduce the image in blog / your website.
By reducing the image that appears on the blog / website you then of course the blog will be loading faster, because the image having a large size file loading will certainly burden the blog. When you want to install the image, you should choose the image with a relatively small file size

- Avoid the use of image for your background.
use background image will of course also makes loading blog will feel heavier.

- Do not install widget / java script that could potentially create a slow loading.
Widgets in the form of banner ads that use a large enough size can also affect the loading of your blog, because in addition to having to read javascript , browser must also process for showing the widget. So do not put too much widget or javascript is too much.

- Choose the Hosting of quality.
If you are using a hosting for / as a storage area of your blog, choose a quality hosting with good quality server, stable and reliable and have a complete service.

- Compression CSS code.
Also known as CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a programming language used for web design / set up a web page.
CSS code is very helpful / easier for us in making a web page, but excessive CSS code will affect the website size. To reduce unnecessary CSS code, you should compress the CSS code.

Hopefully some of the above aspects can inspire you in creating a website / blog with reliable and high performance. My article may be far from perfect, your comment will always I received as an improvement to me ..

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