Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to manually update avira antivirus

For users avira antivirus or you have something in common with me that using Avira free antivirus and want to update it to update the Avira database so you will still always up to date and not outdated ..

For this time I want to give information about how to manually update (manual update) Avira Antivirus ..

Why update it manually? Why not just go ahead?
Yes, for those who have their own Internet connection on their computer is very easy and definitely avira you can also automatically perform automatic updates, but for those who do not have your own internet connection of course you can not, and the best way is to download the manual update by going to the internet cafe ..

To download the manual update you can visit the link:

after get a manual update avira antivirus, then you must
run avira antivirus, and then go to menu "Update" and select "Manual Update" then browse where you save the file before you download ..
The next step is just waiting until the process is complete

Good luck and I hope my writing can be useful ..

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